The Call That Never Came

Her: Several days passed before we were able to talk again. He always seemed to have to leave, whether it was to train for MMA or to let his family use the laptop. As usual, I was disappointed, but I didn't tell Don, not wanting to seem any more clingy than how I am already. As we talked, we got to the topic of calling, and he told me that would give me a phone call at midnight. 

Her: I was anxious to talk to him, even though it would be our first time hearing each other's voices (not from a video). I gathered everything I needed when it neared 9 for me (we have a three hour difference between us) and headed to cruise in my room. The anxiety ate at me....but when 9 passed, which would be midnight for him, I felt nothing but disappointment. That night, I fell asleep waiting for him to call.

Her: The next day, Don told me that he had forgotten to call and that he was sorry. I forgave him, and we agreed to call that night. Once again, at midnight. I headed into my room at 8:50 and settled down to have a conversation with Don. Once the clock hit 9, I stared at the phone, silently praying he wouldn't call, and yet at the same time, that he would. Crushing disappointment flooded me as I watched the time go from 9 to 10...and I headed onto the internet to pass time.

Her: I waited for a call.....a call that never came.

The End

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