Knock, Knock, It's Don.

Her: After that incident, I had a harder time trusting Don. I tried my hardest to believe that he'd stay true to me, but a part of me always doubted it. It just wasn't possible, I was this...slave and he was some prince. And we all know that they don't usually match up. The prince will always go looking for a princess and the slave will either try to ascend to a higher status or just keep dreaming of her lost prince. I think for me, it would be the latter. 

Her: However, I indeed became addicted to talking to Don. I became so attached, I wanted to talk to him everyday, every single second. It was the same thing like my ex, except this time it was stronger. Why do I get attached so many times? I knew from experience that people leave you hanging, especially when you need them most. Yet a part of me didn't care, I had already fallen for Don....I had fallen hard...

Him: And I caught her. I knew we were so far from each other, but I couldn't help liking her. I had actually told her that I had developed a crush for her when I met her on League of Angels. I never wanted to tell her...but one day it just came out. Do I regret it? Probably not. I'm glad she knows I love her. Now she has no excuse for saying she didn't know if she starts talking to another guy.

Her: Anyways, as I was saying, I always wanted to talk to him. It became like the need for air, you can try to fight it, but in the end it ends up winning. Every chance I got, I talked to Don. It came to the point of even missing several days of work just to chat with him. Time went by, the wifi at home was still off, but I was content with talking to Don when I went to work with my brother. Next thing I know, July comes up, and it's the 5th. 

Her: Now, a while ago I made this list of questions I was going to ask Don... and one of them was why we weren't dating officially that night, I asked him. And trust me, I didn't expect his response.

Him: Why weren't we officially dating yet? Well, I thought we were going out already but okay. I asked her if she wanted to go out. Man, did she confuse me. She kept going on, apologizing about the question and that I didn't need to answer it. Does that mean she doesn't want to go out? What? Again, I asked her if she wanted to go out, and she tells me that she was hoping I'd say it in a cheesy way....a cheesy way? Like over pizza that's dripping cheese? Then she tells me that she was hoping I'd ask her to be my girlfriend, not to go out. Man....picky xD Anyways, I did ask her to be my girlfriend and the relief flooded me when she said yes. Finally.

Her: We were officially together, but I didn't want to put the relationship thing up, for several reasons. I didn't want people to ask me about it, how do you explain that you met a guy online and you guys started to date awhile after, without sounding desperate? In addition, was I ready for other's to see that I moved on from my ex? Although he broke my heart, a part of me didn't want my ex to feel down or anything. If your ex really cared, then he wouldn't have broken up with you. Well...way to point it out. I shrugged off those thoughts and let myself go when I talked to Don.

Him: It took a while for us to officially become a thing. Yeah, I know, I probably didn't need the nudge to ask her out, but I didn't want to make her feel obliged to say yes if I had asked her out tonight. I don't want to make her feel locked down...I wanted to let her be free...

Her: And he set me free....

The End

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