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Her: Sunday came at me full speed, and after church, my brother took me back to the university. I didn't want to look at my Facebook page, I was already mad with Don for ignoring me and going around flirting with other girls (at least to me that's what it looked like). But curiosity got the best of me, and I logged into Facebook, praying desperately for anything from Don. Relief flooded me when I seen that I had a message from him, and I quickly opened it.

"I thought you forgot about me"

Her: That was it, just those 6 words. I felt a piece of me go soft, and I allowed myself to smile just a little. I typed back a responses, telling him that I didn't forget about him, and once again I explained my situation. Don came on a little after that, and responded to me. He told me that he tried to move on from me the entire week that I didn't talk to him. Fear in my heart of losing Don, I asked him if he was able to achieve it...

"I didn't move on"

Her: I felt even more relieved, and could breathe easily. He seemed to be determined to explain himself, and apologizing to me under a minute. I appreciated the fact that he told me he was sorry, but I told him it was fine. Even though he went around flirting with other girls (to me, okay? It looked like that to me) I forgave him, because I just couldn't lose him. I was attached to Don, one of my horrible attributes. I always get attached to ones I care about....Don especially. Specifically Don. (You know, I haven't told you guys that Don and I started to confess our affection of each other. Yeah, it was weird how it started, but I don't mind. I'm weird myself) 

Her: I already knew I was in love with Don, and that frightened me. Haven't I already learned that love destroys? I should have known since the break-up. But a part of me couldn't help it, and I fell for Don within the time span we talked with each other since the night we met. I was scared, scared to lose Don, scared to lose myself. The walls I was in the process of building was nothing when Don just walked through the door. This guy, a 19 year old boy across an entire ocean from me, who indeed has the most perfect face, great humor, an uncontrollable flirtatious side of him, and a whole bunch of fan girls, came and stole my heart. The heart of a girl who worries too much, who's so insecure, who was in the moment of hating the world and giving up on life. This angel...took the heart of a slave and called it his own. 

Her: Don helped me stand up again, after my ex knocked me down. I knew Don cared for me, but a part of my mind asked why would Don want me? Doesn't he know he can do so much better? I was the thorn on the rose that he was picking. Would I really be worth it? But it's not like I could tell Don that, I was afraid of making him see reason, afraid of making him see from my perspective.

Her: And yet...a part of me told me that no matter what I did, I probably wouldn't be able to convince Don that I'm bad news. I knew, that this time, I myself was my own enemy.

The End

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