Running Into A Dilemma

Her: I wish I could tell you every single conversation Don and I shared, but memory seems to fade with time. However, I can tell you that I guess Don and I got really close, like to the point of calling each other boo. I know, weird right? Anyways, there came a time when I had to go to work for a summer job I took up. I messaged Don telling him Sunday night, that I'd message him the next week when I get home from work. When work came around, I was anxious the moment I left home to go back to my room and chat with Don on Facebook. I couldn't help but feel a bit irritated at work, just wishing I had stayed home to just talk to Don. It seemed like eternity, until work finished at 3:30 and I was able to finally go home. The moment I stepped into the house, I grabbed a bunch of clothes and jumped into the shower, determined to get everything out of the way so I have no distractions once I start talking to Don.

Her: Refreshed, I grabbed my laptop, and went to go chill in my room, a happiness growing in me. The computer booted up quickly, and I opened up a Chrome windows, already picturing how the conversation between Don and I will go. So the fact that the page ended up saying that I had no internet connection both shocked and frightened me. No internet? What? And you could say that that night, I lost both my mind and my sanity. My dad found out that the company shut our wifi down because my dad was behind on bills. Yes...the disappointment and anger ran strong, not at my dad, but at the company. That night, I cried myself to sleep (I know, stupid reason to cry, but I couldn't help it) and was thankful when the darkness claimed me.

Her: The entire week was torture, not being able to talk to Don, not knowing what he was doing, or what he thought about the fact that I wasn't talking to him. Just a couple weeks before, I had told Don about my last relationship, and he had gotten jealous over it. So jealous that he barely wanted to talk to me. Truthfully, I liked that he got jealous, I won't lie, but I hated the fact that he rarely talked to me since I told him about my ex and I. Eventually, we got over that stage, but it forever scarred me, making me conscious of what I say and do when I talk to him. I don't lie to him (okay...well I lie sometimes when he asks if I'm okay, but I think that's understandable...hopefully) about anything serious, but I do watch what I mention or bring up to him. (Another incident is when I was taking long to respond to him, because a guy on League of Angels was confessing his love for me, and I wasn't sure how to respond to it, so I was going to tell Don about it. However, Don gave me the cold shoulder telling me to talk to my "boyfriend" cause he doesn't have time, because he thought I was talking to some other guy like how I talk to Don (which is....practically flirting and whatnot) and I sort of exploded at him.) But I thought about if the topic of my ex got to him that bad, then whatever he'll think now will just be worse. The worry ate away at me, like a disease that spreads in the body. I felt a bit relieved when I found out that Saturday I'd be able to go to work with my brother, and get wifi from his work place, the university.

Her: I counted those days down, until Saturday came and I was ready way before my brother was ready to leave. On our way to the university, I tried to calm my nerves, anticipating the talk Don and I would have. I'll apologize endlessly and try to explain what happened in half a minute. But please boo, don't be talking with other girls...please don't. At the university, I was able to get online and the first thing I do is message him, telling him about my situation and apologizing so much. I was surprised when he seen the message, but didn't respond to me. I became confused and more worrisome when he didn't come back online either. That day, I left the university with not a single word from Don.

The End

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