Have I Found An Oasis?

Her: The next day was Sunday, which indeed, for me, was church day. I let myself go in the music, singing all my thanks in those words to God. I haven't felt so content in months; the feeling was so alien to me. Time seemed willing to pass by, wishing me good luck when the moment came to go back home with my dad, and back to Don. Anticipation choked me as I dashed into my room as calmly as I could when we got home, yanking my laptop open to quickly get on Facebook. I paced as the internet slowly logged me in, and jumped on my bed once my page was fully loaded. Aha!! I had a waiting message, and I stared, wide-eyed, as I opened it. IT'S FROM DON!!!! Honestly, my heart felt like it was about to beat out of my chest, a sensitivity that surprised me in so many ways. The void that was once there was slowly being filled by this untold emotion, one I was too frightened to discover myself. I didn't want to see what that awareness was, although I had a blooming suspicion that I already could tell what the feeling could be.

Her: Not wanting to delve into that anymore, I clicked on Don's face, and the Chat window opened. (If I could, I would tell you what he said, but alas, my memory seems to be failing on me.) In an overall sense, he told me that he missed me. A lot. I felt a grin spread across my face, and I typed back a response to him.

"Aww, I missed you too..."

Her: (Yes, I replied with more emotion, however, I've got a brain-fart on what I exactly said. Sorry guys, and I can't go looking back at the messages, to be explained later on.) Patience rewarded me when Don came online and messaged me back. Yes, the smile was painted permanently on my lips, a shocking change to what a dull shell I was just a week ago. I was taken aback to find out that Don did wake up early to talk to me the night before, stirring his body at 4 in the morning just to chat with me. Guilt ate at me when I told him I was on at the time he got up, but I hadn't messaged him because it showed that he was offline. I should have sent him a message anyways... He brushed it off, and once again, we talked til the darkness enveloped my room, and I was cradled under the sheets, feeling fresh after a hot shower. 

Her: When we both agreed to go to sleep, I wasn't as sad as before. I just knew that the next morning, I'd be able to talk to Don, and that comforted me to the point of where I fell into unconsciousness with the perception of peace.

The End

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