Taking A Breather

Her: I awoke in the early hours the next morning, my eyes sore and puffy from crying last night. Stretching out, I groan as I look at the time and cover my eyes. 2 in the morning again? Why can't I just sleep in for once? I already knew the answer for that, though my mind brought up any other reason for it than what it actually was. Ever since the break-up.....I've been having the hardest time sleeping... I shrug the thought off, not wanting another cry-fest and woe-is-me party. I boot up the computer, looking away to shield my eyes from the bright light my laptop gave off when it stirred to life. Once again, I logged onto League of Angels, but also opened up a tab to log in to my Facebook page.

Her: I looked through the chat Don and I had, and a slow smile spread across my lips. My first impression of him seemed to be wrong. He wasn't the stuck up @ss I'd thought he would be, and I was glad for that. He was actually really sweet and funny, both of which were definite perks to his glorious image. Once I finished reading our conversation, I switched back to League of Angels and once again began to do missions and help others out in the game. When the time hit 6 am, I messaged Don and told him I'd be playing League Of Angels. I don't know why I did that, but a part of me wanted to just talk to Don all over again. Yesterday's events kept replaying in my mind, and I thanked God for the fact that I had been able to find the game and meet all my friends. Once again, I was entangled in the sense of euphoria that the game gave me.

Her: Time seemed to pass so slowly, until I finally registered that Don was online and playing League Of Angels. By that time, I was already talking to several of my friends, and had begun to feel a bit down because I thought that Don didn't want to talk to me. I waited in anticipation for him to tell me hi, or acknowledge me, anything, but my patience was in vain. Don just talked on World Chat for awhile, then he stopped chatting when people began to hate on him. I felt like I just wanted to go back to sleep, so this day could just pass, and I wouldn't feel so crappy. But we all know you can't always get what you want...

Her: When the late night hours came, and I had finished showering and whatnot, Don got around to messaging me on Facebook. I was a bit confused about why he'd talk to me, I mean, I'm fairly certain he was just being friendly to include me in his circle of fans, which majority were girls; I'm certain all the credit goes to his gorgeous face. But I put those thoughts on the side, and just conversed with Don. So when he told me that he was happy to see me playing on League of Angels, I felt pleasure flow through me, and you could say I basked in that feeling. Nothing could dampen my spirit then; I felt like I could float on Cloud 9. 

Her: Like last night, we talked til the late hours, but Don told me that he had a baseball game the next day. Baseball? During summer? However, I just agreed that he needed to go sleep, but I asked him if he could get up early enough to talk to me. I was surprised and happy when he said he'd try, and after telling me goodnight, Don went to sleep. 

Her: When my room was dark, I laid in my bed, smiling idiotically at the ceiling. I was indeed happy, so caught up in the fact that Don was going to talk to me the next day, that I was unable to go to sleep for once. So I just fumbled and flopped around like a beached fish, begging my body to let me sleep. PLEASE, FOR ONCE I WANT TO SLEEP!! I WANT TOMORROW TO COME SO I CAN TALK TO DON!!! It wasn't until 11 p.m. that my happiness oozed out of me, and I could finally get some rest, closing my eyes with possibly a permanent smile on my face.

Her: And I realized, that as the darkness claimed my mind, that I could feel something stirring in the void where my heart was before the break-up, something so powerful, and yet so mysterious. It was like a blooming rose after the plunging coldness of the winter season, a new hope, like the break of dawn. It took my mind awhile to register it, and as I fell into the abyss, I knew that I was beginning to feel alive again.

Her: And that fact scared me.

The End

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