Climbing That Hill To Encounter A Mountain

Her: I immediately told the two guys to leave the girl alone, who had just told them that she was only 13. Both were older than her; ages 19 and 23. The 19 year old boy backed off, but the older man kept going, this time picking on me as well. And well....words flew, and in the end, he left the girl alone. She ended up messaging me, telling me thank you for helping her out. As I private messaged her, I watched the World Chat, and started chatting with my friends as well. I was surprised when the 19 year old boy (let's just call him Don) began to chat as well, and already was familiar with several of my friends. You could say I got a bit jealous, seeing as how I call them my friends, and yet they already know Don.

Her: I've began to drift from the World Chat, focusing more on messaging the 13 year old girl (whom we shall call Rox) and finishing up my missions. Don was in the process of asking people about themselves, including the 23 year old (we'll call him Hunter). In my state of situation, I was barely talking anymore on the World Chat, putting short phrases as responses to my friends. And you could say that shock hit me when Don pointed me out specifically, and asked me a question.  

"Why are you being so mysterious Isaraella?"

Her: Me? Mysterious? Well, I guess I could be since I haven't said anything about me, but why would you want to know? All of those thoughts flooded my mind, but I replied in a collected way. Sort of. Surprise turned to suspicion as Don kept questioning me about myself. I asked him why he's so interested in me, or somewhere along those lines, and scoffed at his reply.

"Because you're being so mysterious"

Her: Maybe I was a jerk for saying this, but I replied to that saying that I don't want to attract stalkers. Not that I meant it towards Don...well maybe I did, BUT along with the story. He "laughed" at that, and said that he doesn't stalk people. Of course you don't! You just ask people about themselves, and their age, and their Facebook because it's a friendly thing to do. I didn't tell him that, though the urge to seemed to shout at me to do so. However, I didn't want to scare him off, as odd as he was. In fact, he seemed to be pretty interesting. 

Her: Don kept asking me about myself, how I looked, what age I am, where I live and in the end I told him a bit about my morbid life. He kept asking me for my Facebook page (beats me why) and I kept avoiding any chance there was of me even mentioning it at all to him. He was so persistent on either one of us getting the other's Facebook, bugging me so much that despite myself, I agreed to friend him on Facebook. I didn't give him my Facebook name though, I told him to give me his, because I just felt uncomfortable giving out my Facebook name to others. He private messaged me his Facebook name, and with a sigh and a pounding heart, I opened my Facebook profile, looked him up, and clicked on his profile.

...Holy sh*t........

Her: I'm not even kidding when I say that my breath was taken away as I stared at his picture. He's freaking HOT!! Forcing my thoughts down and telling my heart to behave, I lean back and just...admire his face. A strong jaw line, a Derek from Teen Wolf beard...perfect lips, slight mustache...relaxed eyebrows over warm brown hair held down by a hat with the back to the front.. ....d@mn..... In the picture, he was staring at his phone, which he held up to what I assume is a mirror, to capture his reflection. My eyes kept drifting back to his lips, until I became so irritated with myself that I jammed the button down on the Send Friend Request option hard, and quickly returned back to my own Timeline.

Her: Get it together, Is. Get. It. Together. Once Don accepted my friend request, I messaged him to double check if that was him. Part of me wanted it to be the wrong person, but majority of myself was begging it to be him. You could say relief and more irritation hit me when he confirmed that it was indeed Don from League Of Angels, the one and only stalker. However, I couldn't help myself with feeling a bit more comforted with the fact that he indeed was the hottie I see in his profile picture. Unless he stole that picture from someone else. Horrified with that possibility, I force myself to stop drooling over his face and focused on his words. Tell me who you are Don. Who are you really...a jerk? A player? Who are you?

Her: Despite the fact that I barely knew Don, I already found myself warming up to him. We talked for awhile, and I was indeed surprised when I realized it was late, and I wasn't tired. He had told me that I was pretty, but as usual, I denied it. The hours flew by, until Don told me he was going to go to sleep. I felt something stir in me, and felt confused at that emotion.... I'm....sad....? Indeed, I was saddened by the fact that Don was going to sleep, but I quickly shoved that away. Why should I be sad about that? I barely know the guy.... the last time I felt sad about someone going to sleep was when I still had...a...boyfriend..... 

Her: The sadness morphed into depression, and I quickly told Don goodnight and turned off the lights to curl up in the darkness. My demons have awoken and this time, they wouldn't go away. They toyed with my emotions, torturing my mind in an endless span of time. It seemed like eternity, until exhaustion overtook me, my tears running down my face with the thought of my ex and Don battling for my attention fading in my mind, as the darkness claimed me in it's embrace, a relief that I begged for.

The End

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