Getting A View Of What I Need To Do

Her: Though I fell asleep at 12, I ended up waking up at 2. As I stirred, I felt this urge to play League of Angels again, like that unmistakable need to breathe. Mentally apologizing to my sister, who shares the same room with me, I ease open my laptop and turn on the machine. It whirred to life, and engulfed me with a brilliant white light, which blinded my eyes for several seconds. And as you can imagine, maybe one...or two...or a dozen creative profanity slipped out of my mouth as the dots in my vision faded away and I could look at my screen with just a slight squint. I slip my glasses on (yes, readers, I wear glasses) and open up a window in Chrome. My sister groans in her sleep, but a quick glance showed that she had no intention of waking up yet.

Her: I log onto League of Angels, and I get started. I have missions to do, and angels to save. Before I know it, it's 6 in the morning and I'm rocking that game like I'm playing Guitar Hero. My family bustles around the house in a summer craze, while I'm just chilling in my room, computer on my lap, eating some cereal as I come out victorious in a battle between a Dungeon Boss and my characters. I'm feeling so awesome, so happy and so alive, that I couldn't even remember the pain of the break up. In fact, not a single thought of my ex had crossed my mind at all. Several of my new friends began to talk on the World Chat so I joined in, happy and only too eager to share my exploits in my victory. The hours flew by, and I was lost in my internet world, pulled into it's entrancing vortex.

Her: Night came unexpectedly, and as I played League of Angels (yes, I was on that game the whole day) the World Chat caught my eye. As I read the chat, I came to notice that a girl was being targeted by these two guys. It was an awkward situation, she was very young, but neither seemed to care. So, emboldened by the late hours and my lack of food, I stepped in.

Her: It was just the beginning...

The End

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