The First Step Up That Hill

She had just gone through a heart shattering break up with a boy she dated for a year and a month. Slowly, she began to fall deeper into the dark place in her heart. In desperation, she finds an internet game to spend her time and thoughts on, building towering walls to protect her broken heart from being torn again.... She never expected what happened next.....

Her: It's been 3 months since that night, the night he broke up with me. I can still feel the ice filling the void in my chest, the pain that stabbed me straight into my heart. I spent nights crying myself to sleep, days and time taking my emotions out on myself. I feel empty, but I smile around my family to pretend I'm okay. At times, I feel like it's really alright....but the night comes, and truth smacks right into me. And that's when I lose myself all over again, when I slip back to step 1 when I thought I was on step 5.

Her: But this night, I'm fine. I feel no sadness, no darkness waiting behind the covers. I'm bored, so I boot up my computer and surf the web. Multiple tabs; opened to my Facebook, my Tumblr and Youtube. I try hard not to look at his face, staring at me from the Chat Bar on my Facebook page. His brown hair, his sweet amber eyes, just taunting me with a demonic laugh. If I even glance at him, I know I'd tear myself apart again. Something else catches my eye, and I eagerly turn to see what it is, anything to distract me from his face, his eyes, from him.

Her: It's an ad for a game called League of Angels. I'm intrigued by the art, the flawless sketching of their faces, those wings that look so fluffy like a rabbit's tail. Curiosity struck me, and I click on the ad, immediately transported to the game's home page. I'm already on the page, might as well play it. Several minutes later, I made my profile and I log onto the server. I'm fascinated, the detail is perfect, though the story line might be a bit vague. Not even 10 minutes into playing the game, I'm already level 10, with a team of an angel called Nocturna and my character, a female warrior named Isaraella. The game has pulled me into this addictive world, where not even my ex could bother me. I see people chatting on the World Chat Bar, and struck with boldness, I type in a simple hello and press enter.

Her: Long story short, I was immediately brought in to the game and instantly made several acquaintances. And I was happy, internally happy with what I was doing. That night, as I fell into the dreamland, I slept with a smile on my face, not a tear trailing down my cheeks.

The End

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