Dwayne: Top of the Food ChainMature

"Angels of Death huh?" I asked myself out loud "We're in trouble"

"Why? Whats so special about them?" gloated Sam "You saw how i made them run away really easy"

"Look at their weapons: small, rarely powerful, I did a brief search of the bodies, no extra ammo. This was just a scare mission"

"What about Amy?"

"I don't think they meant to kill her, but they want to send this message in the most serious way they can"

"They are going to pay for what they have done!" anger becoming present in his voice, i grabbed him tightly by the collar.

"Pull yourself together! We cant take on the Angels, thats suicide. Hell if you do that Amy got out the easy way"

Sam began to breathe slowly, regaining control over his anger. He just looked at the floor, I knew why he was feeling so bad. He lost two people, both whom he swore to protect.

"Remember what I said man, we try our best, but its not always enough" the events were beginning to get to me, but I hid it "We need to go, pack as much supplies as possible we need to find a new place"

"We're just gunna run? Just like that?"

"Sam, they are the top of the food chain, the best of the best. We don't stand a chance"

"You have any idea where we could go?"

"No, but still if we travel lightly, they cant follow us. Then we find buildings to rest in when the night comes..." I stopped to think, then i noticed the sun was almost completely down "Lock the doors, we sleep through the night here then we set off"

Sam obviously didn't want to go through with this, but he knew there was nothing he could do. He got up silently and went down into the supermarket. I just sat on the edge of the roof, watching the flames flicker. I watched them until they died out, and the sun began to go down.

I got up and went downstairs, tomorrow is gunna be a pain in the ass.


The End

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