Dwayne: CrusherMature

On the way back to the market, I noticed that Sam was feeling a little down. I could feel his pain slightly, failing to protect someone.

"Sam, Greg's death isn't entirely your fault." I sighed

"What you mean by that?" he replied, intrigued slightly

"Before I came to you, I saw Greg. I was sniping and I tried my best to help him, but it wasn't too long before he was bitten. So I shot him, in the head."

"You killed Greg?"

"Well, it was either me, or he could of found his way to you and you would of had to do it. And if you think about it, I did him a favor"

"I suppose it was the best thing that you could of done"

"Yeah, well we cant save everyone. We ain't superhuman, but we try our-"

I was interrupted by a rather loud roar, that came from a rather large outline of a creature that was stood in front of the sunset. You could see from there that it was a huge muscular creature, from top to bottom.

I leaped from that roof and nearly hit us, but the force from the impact vibrated the link that connected the wagon to the motorbike snapped. The wagon flipped into the air, with me still in it. I cursed at the top of my lungs when I went upside down in the air. When I landed the wagon broke and I started rolling all over the floor. 

This time I had a clear look at the thing. Its body was muscular, its face was all mangled, one of its eyes were hanging out and it didn't have a jaw. Its top half of its mouth was covered in blood however, as were its arms and legs.

"Go Sam, I've got this" I shouted as I pulled out my sniper and loosened my katana from its sheathe. Sam hesitated but eventually started driving, the zombie didnt take any notice of him and jumped at me again.

I rolled out its way, the impact still knocked me off balance. It then ran at me as I was still getting up, I shot the first shot as quick as I could, hitting it in the shoulder. It swang both arms at me as it screamed, I jumped over its arms, at the same time as throwing my sniper to the side and getting out my katana.

"Come on then tough guy, show me what you got" I said under my breath.

It jumped at me, this time I rolled toward it, and under it. I prepared myself for the shockwave and didnt stumble that time. I jumped at it, slicing its back, to no effect. It just swiped its arm around and hit me away.

I ran for my sniper, knowing that if it leaped I wouldnt be easy to hit. It began to run after me, but I was slightly faster.

I jumped and rolled, picking up my sniper in the process. As I turned around, he was quite close so I threw my katana at it. It cleaved into its other shoulder, it got pushed back for a second. Taking advantage of this, I aimed for its head and shot.

It left a massive hole in the front and back of its head as blood and brains leaked out of it. It fell backwards and was definately dead.

I walked over to its body, cringing at its appearance before taking my sword and getting away as quickly as possible. As I was walking away I heard a familiar voice.

"Ah, I see you got aquainted with the Crusher" said the voice

"Ah, Kyle, how nice of you to show up again" I replied, still walking to the market. "So then, anything else you want to warn me about?"

"Not really, their weaknesses are easy to find, as I have observed" Kyle began to walk next to me.

"Well, its not easy, and it sure as hell ain't painless"

"Nothing in life is Dwayne"

"Anyway, we're almost at the market, I wouldnt recommend getting to close, Sam will surely put a few bullets in you"

Kyle remained silent, and before I knew it he was already gone.

I got into the market, and the entire place looked like a mess...

The End

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