Dwayne: LuckMature

As I was approaching the last street the would lead up to the supermarket. The sun was shining and the zombies were nowhere to be seen. But nothing is as it seems and I did not lower my guard.

It was the right thing to do as well.

I heard a rattle from behind me, I got out my katana and held it close.

"Show yourself zombie scum!" I yelled, not expecting an answer or anything.

"No need to worry yourself... Dwayne" said a voice, as a shadow appeared.

"Who are you and how do you know my name?"

"Me?" the shadow got closer, until I could see that it was a zombie. But he wasn't as savage as all of the others. This one was... unique. "My name is Kyle, thats all you need to know. Although you may not trust me, your lucky I'm the one that has found you."

"Why are you so... decayed if you are not a zombie?"

"Oh, I'm a zombie. The virus had mutated with my genes, but in a good sense. The virus became weaker and it didn't have the strength to destroy my brain. The zombie look keeps me safe from the hordes and I can walk in sunlight unlike the others."

"Are you the only one?"

"No, the others want to gather survivors so they can do things, evil things. Yes, rather evil. I'm against their views, thus I want to help you. As I said before, you may not trust me, but I'm most likely the most trustworthy person your going to meet."

I was confused currently, how he had survived the virus but didn't look like he did. I still had a firm grip on my katana but something inside me told me to trust him.

"The big zombie you saw before, there are more of them you know, and there are more than just Runners. You will encounter Blades, Stalkers... the virus has mutated in many different ways and has had different effects on different people."

"How do you know so much?"

"I was there Dwayne, the day when the pandemic started. Maybe thats why I survived, the virus wasn't as strong as it is now. Dr. Tyrone's project failed on a large scale. He tried to create a way so that he could bring back the dead, for scientific purposes of course. Revive people from ancient times somehow and learn about culture we might not know exists."

"Is Tyrone alive?"

"This isn't the time and place, we will talk later."

"Where will I find you?"

"I will find you, now go, join the survivors."

He walked into the shadows and seemed to have just disappeared.

"What the hell just happened..." I asked myself. I tried to forget what just happened and headed down the street up to the supermarket. ATV's drove past and nearly hit me, they seemed to have wanted to leave in a rush.

"Looks like those survivors can handle themselves..." I said to myself as I walked up to the market.

The End

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