Greg: EndMature

I awoke before any of the others. They were worn out, exhausted. But I was awake. I couldn't sleep knowing my parents were dead, knowing I really had nothing to live for, except life itself. I stood up and carried my bag on my front, zipped open, so I could see my arson. Carefully, I slid Amy's Shotgun from her holster. I was in more dire need of it.

I creaked open the doors, wanting to be all heroic and dramatic, but not wanting to awake my fellow survivors. All I wanted to do was get out into the world and do what I had to do. Almost instantly the zombies were upon me. Slow but driven by their cravings and desire for human flesh. I threw my arson at them, burning and melting their already rotten flesh. The pistol came in handy but inevitebly, I knew what was in store.

I ran at the zombies, away from the store. I had to lure them away, away from Sam and Amy, away from that last morsel of safety. The zombies were cornering me, trying to rip at my peachy, young flesh. Zombies began dropping from shots from nowhere. I craned my neck to see and at last spotted a man with a short blonde fringe and a sniper. I smiled with relief and he smiled back with reassurance, just as a zombie sunk its rotten teeth deep into my craned neck. The man raised his sniper, but I raised my hand against him. It was no use. I pointed my hand towards myself and nodded. The man pulled the trigger.

The End

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