Sam: RaidersMature

I took off on my bike before dawn a few days later, leaving the others asleep. I had to acquire a new test subject; the previous one had gone into convulsions when I'd tried to treat it. I grabbed my carbine, sawed-off shotgun, and machete and sped away down the road. I knew exactly where to look for zombies now. I strode into the plaza and approached an overturned car. I was about to plant a small explosive charge to draw some attention when a hand reached out from inside the car and grabbed my leg. I shot the ghoul twice in the head with my carbine, checked inside the car for anymore zombies, then crawled inside and lay there, waiting for them to come. They would have heard the gunshots, I was sure of it.

One of the bigger ones with claws stepped out into the street and approached the car. I couldn't do anything with that kind; they were too big to tranquilize, so I carefully aimed my shotgun at its head and fired. The creature fell over sideways and there was suddenly a swarm of zombies all over the place. I picked my target and stalked it, waiting for most of the zombies to clear out before creeping up behind it - something incredibly difficult, but not impossible, to do - and shooting it with my small tranquilizer pistol. Luckily, a zombie's circulation is just active enough for a tranquilizer to prove effective. When it went down, I grabbed it and secured it to my bike, then rode back home. When I arrived, I shot it again with the tranquilizer - just to be sure - then tied a gag in its mouth. Finally, I untied it from the bike and dragged it inside. I had just gotten it into the back when I heard the roar of tons of motors running outside our supermarket. I cracked the door open and peered out, and spotted several ATVs - easily a dozen or so - loaded with raiders. I grabbed my weapons and headed out, waking the others discreetly on my way to the front of the building. They headed around the sides and stood just inside the doors to ambush the raiders should they come inside.

I walked out the front doors, and a particularly large man, probably the head scumbag, said, "You're trespassin' on our property."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said. "I was under the impression that, since I'm the one who cleared this place out and made it safe to inhabit, this was my area. Besides," I said, "from what I hear, you guys have got yourselves a place back down the road from here just like this."

"That place is startin' to run out of supplies," the big guy said. "We need a new place."

"Well you're going to have to look somewhere else," I said. Then, as if explaining an abstract concept to a young child, I said, "You see, this is my property. I've already set up shop, and I don't plan to leave. I like it here. I think I'll stay."

"I think," the leader began, "that you're gonna have to find a new place. Clear out. This is our land now."

"You know," I said, deciding to gamble on the raiders' fear of the zombies, "I've got a lovely friend in the back who'd be delighted to meet you guys. Who knows? He might just eat you up, he'll like you so much."

The man's eyes widened at that, and one of his buddies spoke up and said, "C'mon, Bill, let's get outta here. There's gotta be some other place we can set up. We don't need no more o' them things."

"Shut up," said the man - Bill, apparently his name was. "I make the decisions 'round here, not you."

"You know what? I'm tired o' your crap!" The second raider - much smaller than the first - punched the man right in the face. Bill turned right around and stuck a pistol in the guy's face. The second guy didn't like that, and pulled out a shotgun and put a round straight through Bill's chest before he could even react. He turned to the other raiders and asked, "Anybody else got a problem with that?"

A few minutes later, the raiders had all cleared out on their ATVs and we could relax again.

"That went well," Amy said. "I'm glad they're gone now."

"They'll be back," I said, "or someone else will come along."

The End

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