Dwayne: RunnerMature

I was on my apartment roof, it was safer there than anywhere else. Zombies couldn't climb and I got up here by a ladder that I brought up with me. The ladder was also useful for going across small gaps in between the apartment blocks. I was skipping over the street of apartments to try and get to the police station at the end of the street.

I had a sniper rifle and my katana, which was enough for now. But I started to think long term: when i run out of ammo for my sniper, which I will, I can't survive with just a katana. As I got to the last apartment, I realized my mistake for coming up here.

 Getting down wont be so easy.

The fall would kill me if I just jumped, and it's too high to use the ladders. Luckily there was one of those fire escape things that would break my fall. I steadily allowed myself to drop onto it, which made a loud noise and surprisingly got no attention.

Looking through my sniper scope, I checked my surroundings as well as the horizon. I saw someone, looked alive, standing outside a supermarket. Banging on its windows to try and get in. More survivors perhaps?

Zombies were closing in on the survivor, so I shot the ones i could see. One by one they fell, the survivors inside the supermarket taking advantage of the support I was giving got the outsider inside unharmed.

So then, if there is survivors then I may just pay them a visit myself.

I got down the fire escape, and got to the alley. It was quiet, almost too quiet, but zombies weren't good at ambushes. As I walked out the alley onto the street the streets also seemed empty, it wasn't like the zombies to not be everywhere.

I got to the police station without any bloodshed, which was quite relaxing. But i couldn't lower my guard. I scavenged weapons and ammo from the police station, or at least got what I needed.

When I got the ammo, I walked outside, still too quiet, I had a look around. Then on a rooftop I saw this huge one, twice as tall as any other. Its fingers looked like claws covered in blood. It was quite skinny and its skin was a pale green color.

I jumped off the roof and landed on the floor, leaving a small crater in its wake and rushing through the smoke. It went to slice me in the arm, but I blocked with my sword. I pushed him off, and he backed off quite far, then he attacked again. This time he swung his arms all over the place, I could barely keep up but I was doing okay.

I could see an opening in his defenses, it was just getting the timing right, he was going too quick for me to make an attack. I risked it, just as he was about to strike again, I rolled under his arm and cut off his left leg. Now he was just rolling around, still trying to attack me. I stabbed him in the head, then removed his head. I would of killed him with a gun, but that would attract unnecessary attention.

With everything silent and empty, I planned on keeping that way. I stayed in the shadows and avoided all contact with zombies. I got near the supermarket as the sun was beginning to rise.

Im just hoping I get a warm welcome.

The End

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