The bottomless briefcase

The ice pellets from the hailstorm were pounding hard against the glass of the small coffee shop, I was behind the counter watching and hearing the melody of cracking ice smashing into the pavement. Hailstorms were common in the Great Plains of the United States, not to brag about my geography knowledge but when warm humid air from the Gulf of Mexico meets with cold dry air from Canada it creates powerful storms.

I sighed and closed my geography book. I picked up the spoon lying on the counter and scooped some ice cream into my mouth. My boss said he would be right back, apparently his wife was giving birth at this very moment. He left me in charge of the coffee shop while he was away. The sun was setting fast, and I reckon nobody go out into this storm. I got a text from my boss telling me to close the shop, he would give me a lift later on to my house. I glanced at the clock, it was five o'clock, we usually closed at eight o'clock.

"People are always taking advantage of sixteen year old teenagers who are desperate for some money," I sighed and proceed to lock the door and pull down the blinds. After doing so I noticed something set on the floor at the far end of the shop. It was a briefcase!

Curiosity took the better out of me, I edged closer to the suitcase on the floor. "It must be from the man who brought the girl with her teddy bear earlier!" I recalled selling a smoothie to a girl hugging a white teddy bear on her chubby arms.

I took the briefcase and placed it on the table, I glanced around me. Nobody. I laughed self-conscious of my actions, of course nobody was here! I unclasped the briefcase, fully opening the lid. I look at the contents, and was surprised at what I found.

"Holly," I uttered in amazement, the briefcase was hollow, but it gave the impression of profundity. I placed my hand inside the dark interior and saw my entire arm disappear through the briefcase, I retrieved it. It was a magical briefcase with no bottom! I rubbed my eyes. I must be dreaming!

My scientific side override me. I took a flower pot with a tulip on it, placed it above the open suitcase and let go of it. I counted the seconds before the plant hit the bottom, but it never did. No crash.

"Its like a black hole inside a briefcase!" I exclaimed. I would be famous if I presented this discovery to the National Association of Science. I giggled with happiness. I danced and pranced around the coffee shop.

"No more after school jobs, no more aprons, no more putting up with mean customers!" I sang gleefully. I did not noticed my untied shoelaces, it was too late when I realized they were untied. I stepped on them and tipped headfirst inside the briefcase. Again, no crash, no bottom.

The briefcase just sat there, awaiting its next victim.

The End

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