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Use one of the scenarios and 3 of the objects to write a story.

Write a story between 200 and 1000 words using one of the following scenarios and at least 3 of the objects. Write in first person. This is not rated as mature so please keep your posts clean. You may post more than once and you may use scenarios more than once.


 - You are babysitting a child. You have just put them to bed and decide to have a little snoop around the house. You find an ‘interesting photo’.
 - You are at work in a coffee shop. You are told to close up the shop and before doing so you discover that someone has left their briefcase. Curiosity gets the better of you and you open it.
- You are walking home from a friend’s house. The time is around 9.00pm and you turn onto your street to see that someone has parked in your driveway.
- You are at school in a maths lesson. The person next to you leans over and whispers something to you.
- You are an archaeologist excavating a site. A tall man wearing a suit and dark sunglasses approaches you and starts talking to you.
- You wake up in a place you have never been before, wearing an odd outfit. You have no recollection of how you ended up there.

- A spoon
- A smashed plant pot
- A teddy bear
- A wand
- A large egg
 - A sword
- A twenty pound or dollar note
- A pair of children’s dress up shoes
- A car tyre
- Bin bags
- A post box
- A brick
- A flyer advertising the fair that’s coming to town
- A builder’s reflective jacket
- A portaloo

Have fun! :)

The End

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