I waited around, with nothing to do, while the men hunted for deer. I wanted to be out there. I wasn't the helpless girl that people thought I was. I had proved myself on the ship by working hard, so why people still pushed me with the women I didn't know. It wasn't fare.

Once it was dark, the captain came back. He started to talk with some sailors, and after a while rumours crawled around the camp about creatures in the forest. Creatures that looked like us.

Then Nate stumbled onto the beach, carrying the man he had gone off with. I looked, curiously. What had happened? Walking closer, I saw that the man was bleeding from the chest, and his eyes were closed. He was dead. Women screamed, and everyone piled closer. I managed to get to the front of the crowd, and I recognised the man, as the one that had discovered me. 

"What happened, Nate?" The captain asked, as he walked over. He looked tired.

"It was an elf, sir," Nate said. Tears were falling slowly, and he looked so... helpless, and lost. "She called herself an elf. She said that if we kill another living soul, she would kill me."

I gasped. An Elf? There were no such things were they? 

The man - who I found out was called Abe - was buried, and there was a short ceremony. His wife, who had also been on the ship as a passenger, hadn't stopped crying since he had arrived. 

In all of the confusion of it all, I had been assigned a job to fetch wood, even though I was a girl. I asked Rea to join me. 

"What do you think then?" I asked her, as we walked along the edge of the forest. Neither of us really wanted to go too deep in. "Do you really think an Elf killed Abe?" 

She sighed, thinking. " I don't know. We are on a different land, and they are in some of the old stories." She bent down, to pick up some dry branches. 

"I know, but isn't that all they were - are?" I asked her, and she shrugged. 

"I guess we'll find out soon enough. Nate said they would kill him, and most likely the rest of us if you think about it, if we kill anything in the forest. The men here are too proud, and hungry to not resist the temptation of the animals in there." 

I nodded, agreeing. She was right, and if there were such things as Elves, we were in trouble. 

After a while, we made our way back to the forest. We piled the wood near the fire, and then went to lie down. I was tired, and I could do with some sleep. 

In the morning, I was awoken by a disturbance in the camp. I sat up, stretching. 

"What's going on?" I asked Rea, who had slept near me. She was already stood up, looking towards the edge of the forest. The way she was stood, it was easy to accept she was part of the royal family. She looked so serious and beautiful.

"The Elves have arrived." she said, and I gasped.



The End

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