Nate: To Meet An Elf

   Terrified, I stepped backwards as a silvery blonde haired woman stepped out from behind the trees, a bow in her hand. I was filled with rage and fear as I looked over this unusual....being, the forms of the dead deer and Abe behind her. I bumped into a great oak tree, cornered. My heart pounded in my chest as I anxiously looked around.

    Her eyes burned with fury, but she also seemed curious and stunned, in a way. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen...and suddenly, the image from my deep dream from the ship hit me.  She was the woman on the horse.

    "Why?" she whispered, her voice almost a hiss. Yet it was so lyrical, like mixture of bird song and the wind.  "Why have you come?"

    I shifted uncomfortably, unsure of what to say. She waited patiently, her eyes, like amazing jewels set in her pale face, observed me intensely.  "I...We..." I began, thinking so fast it felt as if my mind was spinning around in my skull. My voice sounded weaker than I expected, a quiet whimper "...came to discover. We came to find new land." 

    She paused thoughtfully. What was she going to do to me? I tried to muster up some courage, some of my original anger coming back for the death of Abe,  and ask the bizarre woman, "You killed my friend. Are you going to kill me?"

   "No," she said simply. I realized I was holding my breath as I sighed. She continued, her voice strong and threatening, "I am not going to kill you. But if you dare murder a living soul under my forrest again, I will personally kill you with my bare hands, no matter how barbaric."

    I nodded quickly, relaxing a little bit as she stepped backwards away from me. "What are you?" I breathed.

    "I am an Elf, young traveller."  she said, taking up her intimidating stance again as she went on, "Take your friend back as a warning. I want no more deaths in this land."   

    With that, she turned around and ran, a blur in the woods as she disappeared into the darkening night shadows. Unsure, I walked over to Abe's cold body, bending over and flipping him around so that his face was not in the dirt. I gulped past a lump in my throat, pulling the arrow out of his chest.

   Shuddering, I grabbed him underneath the arms and began dragging his heavy body back to the vague sound of the ocean, the only way I might have found the way out of the forrests.

    'Take your friend back as a warning....,'  her ominous words echoing inside my head.


The End

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