I was quickly dismissed once again from the council, after I had told my message. Some of the older Elves, still were unsure of the reliability of what I had told them, and I had found it hard to not retaliate harshly. 

Elves can grow too old, I thought to myself. 

Scouts had been sent to the ocean side, to confirm my message, and then the council of Elders would be forced into taking action. Elves may take a while to come to a decision, but once one has been made, nothing stands in there way. 

I was heading back towards my sister, to see if anything else had happened. I worried about her, as I knew that Phaedra hated the humans more than anything, and could easily have started an attack. 

As I ran through the forest, I focused my mind on nothing but getting to edge faster. My mind was searching out, for any distractions or obstacles, to make sure I was going the quickest way. Every tree root, every branch, every animal. 

That's when my mind came across the shapes of humans ahead. I slowed down, till I was stood near enough to see them, but far enough to stay hidden. 

There were two of them. One was smaller than the other, and seemed to be younger. His hair was the colour of the bark on the trees, and his eyes were a pale green. If he had been an Elf, he could have even been called handsome. 

The other man was larger, and his face was covered with a matted beard. From the look of things, he was the older, yet still centuries younger than me. 

I watched them, as they pushed berries hungrily into there mouths. They were really quite strange, and didn't seem to even mind the rude manner they were shoving the berries down there throats. 

I sensed a herd of deer's coming our way. They trotted past, gracefully, and I smiled. Deer's were beautiful, and I cherished there gentle manners. The two humans glanced up, and that's when I saw a look of barbaric hunger flash through there eyes. I knew what they were going to do, before they did it, but I was too late. 

The older shot an arrow, and it landed into one of the smaller dears. It fell to the ground, with a deafening thud and rage ran through me. How dare they! How dare they come into our forest, and take a life so quickly without even a thought. I acted before I could think straightly. Pulling out my bow and arrow, as fast as the wind, I let an arrow fly through the forest, where it struck the older one in the heart. 

I felt the life of him drain away, and then horror flooded through me. I had just killed a man. 

I saw the now panicked boy, glance around nervously, and I swiftly moved so I was stood in front of him. He stepped backwards, till I had him cornered against a big oak tree. I looked at him closely, taking in his rough skin, and the small signs of stubble forming on his young chin. His eyes showed nothing but fear, and he was quietly whimpering.

"Why?" I whispered to him. "Why have you come?" 

He didn't say something for a second, and I waited. I realised he was still only a child even to the humans, nearly making it to manhood by there years. Eighteen years maybe. 

"I.. We came to discover. We came to find new land." He whimpered, glancing around, looking for a place to run. To discover? Not to kill? Then why was there a young deer lay dead a few feet behind us?

"You killed my friend. Are you going to kill me?" He asked me. He was trying to act brave I realised. 

"No." I told him, and he sighed with what I could only guess was relief. 

"I am not going to kill you. But if you dare murder a living soul under my forest again, I will personally kill you with my bare hands, no matter how barbaric." I told him, and he nodded quickly. 

I stepped backwards, and he relaxed a little.

"What are you?" He asked me.

"I am an Elf, young traveller. Take back your friend as a warning. I want no more deaths in this land." 

And with that I turned round, and ran. I ran to where my sister was stood, to tell her of what had happened. She wasn't going to be happy.

The End

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