Nate: Hunting

  The shadows were long and dark in these unusual woods, but it was the perfect time for hunting deer. Fresh meat would taste so good after going so long with dried fruits and meats, and old, stale bread. We crept quietly through the forrests, manuevering around these huge trees as silver starlight began to fall.  The captain split our small group into twos and threes to go hunting deer or gathering wood or any fruit we could find. With arrows knocked on our bows or spears in our hands, we went our seperate ways, promising to meet back at the beach.

   I breathed in deeply through my nose, letting the sweet, crisp air circulate in my lungs. By now the sea air was only a mild flavor in the wind, as an older crew member, Abe, and I gathered fallen sticks, tucking them under our arms. "Here, here," whispered Abe, a few feet away. "Look."

  He beckoned me over to a bush abundant with berries, fat and ripe. We looked at each other, grins on our faces.  Abe meekly reached forward and picked one off the branch, inspecting it intensely, brining it close to his eyes and sniffing it. He shrugged and tossed it in his mouth. His eyes widened as he swallowed, showing teeth now stained with purply blue juice as he smiled.

   Instantly we began stuffing our pockets full of berries to bring back to camp. We tossed a few into our own mouths, relishing the cool, fresh juices swimming around on our tongues. I paused as I spotted a silvery blonde streak a little ways away in the woods, appearing like hair streaming out behind someone. I blinked and it was gone. Was it my head playing tricks with me?

   I shook it off and continued, but after a few moments, Abe put a hand on my arm, standing halfway up. I listened as well.

    Hoofbeats. Deer.

   Breathless, we dropped the last berries and the branches,  and picked up our bows and arrows, waiting.

   A huge herd of deer came charging from the woods, bigger deer than I had ever seen. We stood, shocked at their amazing size as they swiftly flew over brushes and around trees.  Raising our bows, we both aimed.

  Two arrows buried themselves in two deer, falling to the ground as limp, lifeless forms. The whole herd froze, staring at us with their beady, black eyes. It was so unusual.  Abe quickly reloaded another arrow, preparing to shoot a second time.

  He missed, the arrow slashing a nearby tree as the deer sprinted away, gone as rapidly as they had come.  Abe laughed, leaping over the berry bush and racing towards the two dead deer as I followed close behind.

  I saw a pair of burning eyes in the shadows, making me freeze. "Abe, come b-," I called to him uneasily.

   It was too late. A long, sharp arrow flew out from behind the bushes and hit Abe in the chest. Horrified, I screamed, as Abe soundlessly dropped to his knees and hit the ground.  Immeaditly, he was dead.


The End

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