Phaedra: Fears

My worst fears had been confirmed. The humans had landed. On our beach. My heart seemed to fall into a bottomless pit. The elves Aerwen and Alaina seemed shocked by how much the humans loocked like us. I wasn't all that stunned by it.

The forest around me had suddenly ceased its steady throb when I was in the middle of my daily patrols. I had run as fast as I could to reach the beach where I sensed Aerwen and Alaina standing.

I looked at them. Some were maybe close to the edge of handsomeness, but they were still just so rough looking. Maybe it was because some were sick from being at sea with limited supplies for so long.

It didn't wrench any pity out of my shriveled heart. Until I noticed the two girls in trouble.

"We should indeed interrupt the council. But there is the chance they have already sensed their arrival." I whispered to the beautiful sisters.

Alaina nodded. "Truly. Maybe someone should stay here and watch them, and the other goes to make sure the council knows."

"I will stay. If they try anything I will make sure they don't get away with it." My voice verged on a snarl.

Aerwen looked at me, calculating. "I shall also stay. I know how hatred rules your heart, Phaedra." I ducked my head, flushing. She always knew how to make me feel ashamed of myself.

"Then I shall run swifter than the silver winter wind to reach them." Alaina said. And then she was gone. I loved the swiftness of Elves.

"The council will probably take care of the ones in the woods right?" I didn't like the idea of them crashing around in my beloved forest, but I must stay with Aerwen and the humans on the beach.

"Yes, they shall."

"What about the girls?" I did not like the humans one bit, but I could not let the girls be harmed if I could do anything in my power to stop it.

"We shall talk to them peacefully first, appeal to them to see if they will let the girls go. Once the council gets here."

A small flame burst forth from my cold heart. "Who knows how long it will take for the Elders to get here! We must do something!" My eyes burned.

"The council will severely reprimand us."

I liked the way she said "us".

"You know it's the right thing." I could not believe I stood there in the woods talking Aerwen into saving a couple of humans. I truly surprise myself sometimes. But justice comes in many forms. Even in human hating elven form.

Sometimes the right thing to do isn't easy.

The End

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