I watched them silently from the trees. I was shocked by how much some of them looked like us. Yet the male's hair was shorter, and their overall heights were slightly smaller. On some of them, there bellies were rounder, and they seemed to slouch. They were like the rough version of the beauty of Elves. 

"Look at there ears," Aerwen breathed next to me. " There so round at the top." 

I looked, and gasped when I saw she was right. 

"I can barely remember them. I had forgotten how much we looked alike." I whispered back. I sneaked forward, to get a better look.

Something was going on, from the look of things. A group of them had started to form a crowd and I could hear shouting. 

"What is happening?" I asked my sister, but she didn't reply. She was moving nearer slowly.  

As part of the crowd parted, I saw that two rather large males, had two other females tied in a tight grip. From the looks of it, they were in trouble. 

"Aerwen, I think we need to go and tell mother they have arrived." I whispered, standing straight. 

"But councils not over." she replied. "It would be rude to interrupt it." 

"Not over something like this. This is urgent news, and it would be foolish to wait." 

She nodded, just as another elf approached us. I recognised her as Phaedra from her blazing orange eyes, and long, dark hair. She took my palm, and placed it on her brow, and then did the same with Aerwen.

"Alaina. Aerwen. The humans have landed haven't they." 

The End

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