Nate: Into The Woods

   It was nearing evening by the time all of our things were unloaded onto the shores, the sun casting a beautiful light on the seas and on the amazing beaches. The salty ocean air cool and refreshing on our sweaty skin, the nighttime air almost chilly.

  "All gather round!" called Dregor's rough voice from a few hundred feet away. I had noticed he had lacked the lazy haze of alcohol and he had become even more sharp and testy than usual. I set down what I was doing, standing and walking over like all the others, creating a small crowd around the captain and his first mate, standing on a small pile of crates so that they could see everyone.

   I noticed Rea standing next to me as Captain Spoonwell began to call out men to join a group to follow him into the forrest to gather firewood and do a little adventuring before darkness settled. Even though she was not happy she got caught, she seemed much brighter that she could move around without hiding. "Hey," I murmured, still trying to half listen to what the captain was saying.

   She nodded in return, and then muttered dishearteningly, "You watch, I'll be left on the beach with all these....," she gestured to the passangers like Sir Harper who I had rowed with and others, "....girls. While you 'men' go out adventuring and having all the fun."

   I had to chuckle, "Just be glad that Captain Spoonwell didn't admit any punishment. He could've hanged you and.....," I was still shocked that Dan....was not a Dan. ".....'Dan' if he wanted to."

    She scoffed, but didn't have time for a response, as the captain looked around the crowd, and called, ", Nate. That should do it. The rest of you stay back and guard camp."

   "Guard camp?" laughed Sir Harper from across the crowd, which began to disperse. "From what? You think you all will find the gold and keep it all to yourselves, don't you? Well, I....,"

    Captain Spoonwell ran his hand over his face, obviously frustrated with this man. He was ridiculous. Before the captain could say anything, Sir Harper continued, "I'm coming. I paid for this trip, I am coming." 

    The captain seemed to be boiling over in frustration, but didn't waste anymore time with insolent Sir Harper. He had already spent enough time gathering the men. The evening was getting increasingly dark. "Come on, men. We have to get this done before it is too dark." he called our group, and we followed him into the imposing woods, the unusal trees as tall as mountains.




The End

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