Rea - caught

Rea's body had ben contorted into a ball for hours.  Her muscles were throbbing painfully and she was close to getting found out.  All the boxes on her boat had been thrown off except for the two or three that were concealing Rea. 

She took another deep breath and bit her lip.  A muffled whine came from her mouth and she felt the familiar, metallic taste of blood.  I can't do this.  She thought, grimly, and peeked her head out stealthily to see where all the men were. 

They were gathered in the shade holding a sailor by the arms.  The captain was walking towards them with his eyes fixed on the sailor, who had probably done something wrong.  Poor chap.  She thought to herself, grabbing her bag. 

Rea caught sight of Nate's face, twisted in a scowl of worry.  She found that particularly disturbing, but Rea had no time to fret about that. 

Looking over the side of the boat, she figured she could scramble down the side without getting noticed.  Her muscles couldn't stand much more of being cramped up in such a small space. 

Sneakily, Rea snuck over the side of the boat and into the ever-growing tide of saltwater.  Something struck her eye, and she reached out her hand and picked up a handful of sand.  It was shining prettily from the sunlight.

"No..."  She whispered, looking incredibly surprised.  This can't be...  She thought, This place is a story you tell your children to get them to go to sleep...  It's a fairy tale...  This can't be possible! 

Suddenly, she heard a sailor yelp.  "Hey you!"

She turned to see a ragged-looking man pointing in her direction.  Oh god...  Rea thought.  She desperately stood up and sprinted for the treeline.

Soon, she was in the arms of a fat, smelly man, dragging her over to the space where the captain was. 

"Well, well..."  He crooned, "What do you know?  A wanna-be sailor and a stowaway!"

Rea thought she was going to have a heart attack.

The End

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