I pushed my toes into the soft sand, and breathed in the air. It was so good to be on land again, feeling the steady earth underneathe me. The sun was hot here, and rays left my skin feeling damp, and hot.

Everyone was moving around, unpacking things from the boats, or helping the women passengers onto the beach. I stared, looking for something to do. My sickness had cleared up now, and excitement flooded through my body.

"Dan! Over here!" I heard someone yell. It took me a few seconds to realise he meant me. I ran over to him, and I recognised him as a young lad around my age called Nathaniel. 

"Can you help me lift these crates from the boat?" he asked me, and I nodded my head. I didn't say a word though, as I was afraid I'd give away my gender by my voice. He accepted my nod though, and we worked in silence. 

The sun was getting nearly unbearable, and a lot of the men took of there shirts. Nathaniel did too, and I got a glimpse of his pale, slim body. He saw me looking, and I quickly looked away, embarrassed. 

"Why don't you take your shirt off? It's getting really hot, you must be boiling." He said to me, and my face went bright red.

"No, I'm fine." I said gruffly. Soon though, my shirt was soaking in my own sweat. Most of the passengers had been sent to sit in the shade, and looking round I noticed I was the only worker with a top on. 

"Dan, stop being a fool and take of your shirt." Nathaniel said again. I knew he was trying to be helpful but I wished that he would just drop it. 

"I'm not that hot." I lied. He didn't seem to fall for it though.

"Look at you, your drenched." He said, laughing friendly. Two other men came over to help us, and the boat was nearly emptied.

"Hey, lad. Why have you still got your shirt on?" One of them asked, and I wanted to just turn and run.

"Don' want to get burn, do I." I said to them deeply, which made them laugh.

"Don't be such a chicken. Come here, I'll take it off you. Stop being so stupid. 'Don' want to get burn' honesty. Just when you think you've heard it all." Said the second man. He grabbed me, and started to lift my shirt, ignoring my protests. I should have expected something like this. Boys were just too different to girls, and it was obvious that I would get caught. 

With my shirt of, they all stared as it was clear I was female. Luckily I had had to wrap my cleavage around with material so nothing was on show, but my face  grew red, and I bowed my head. 

"Your a... Your a girl." The man whispered. I turned to run, but he grabbed me. 

"Captian! We have a traitor! Captain! Come quick." he yelled. I quickly grabbed my shirt up, and threw it over my head, but it was too late. Everyone knew what I was. 

He held me tightly, so there was no escape, and there was nothing to do but watch as the captain walked over.

The End

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