Nate: Shipwrecked

  I glanced over my shoulder, watching the empty ship shrink behind us as I rowed toward the shore, the sun gazing out from behind the clouds and burning away the heavy morning fog. My gut twisted. Shipwrecked.

   The waves lapped at our flock of rowboats, loaded with supplies, passangers, and the crew. The captain and his first mate were at the head of the fleet, looking to the bright golden shore, reflecting the brilliant sun. I couldn't help holding my breath to look at it, what we had endured over two monthes of cramped sailing and horrendous storms for. It appeared oddly familiar to me....

   My rowing partner set aside his paddles, turning around in his seat to admire the new sight as well. He was not of my crew, but a passanger. I barely knew him, but I had heard the gossip that he was a big pain to the captain and the first mate, always complaining.  I didn't know how I got stuck with him. But it gave me a chance to hide the unusual Rea girl in with the pile of supplies that I loaded on my own into the rowboat as the man I knew as Sir Harper stood lazily aside.  Yet I knew she couldn't stay hidden from the captain and his first mate for long.  I had no idea what she would do after we came ashore.

   I saw her eyes peeking out from her strange new shelter. Hang on, we are almost there.... I thought, feeling sorry for her situation. All I knew really that she was running away from her wicked Uncle and that she had the blood of royalty. It made me feel kind of awkward around her, the few times I had visited her in her hiding places after she had held me at knifepoint in that old musty hatch.

    Our few rowboats drifted ashore as I hopped out into the cool, clean water and pushed it onto the sand. I bent over and touched the warm sand-flawless, soft, and smooth like silk. It was the most unusual sand I had ever seen. Gold must be in this sand....

    I was eager to adventure and settle in as I began to toss some of the crates out of the boat and onto the beach.

   Though as I looked back to the sea, my heart dropped into my stomach. We were stuck here. Where were we?

   Would we ever get home?


The End

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