Rage flooded through me, as Elgor accused me and my sister of lying. We may have been young, compared to him, but we were not children. We could understand Natures aura as good as the rest of them, and even though we were young when we last scented the humans, are memories were long. 

"We shall take your claim into consideration," The Queen said to him, rather coldly. "Please step back to your seat, Elgor. Thank you."

"Thank you, my Queen," He touched his finger to his brow, and my eyes flared. How dare he mock the queen like so. To show such a failure of respect was unforgivable. I noticed ad Aerwens elegant fingers tightened the grip on her magnificent sword. 

Many people assumed I was jealous of the fact she had received the sword, and not I. But I wasn't. She was always the better swordsman, I was better with the bow. She deserved it too. I place my hand on her shoulder gently, and she glanced at me, some of the tension fading from her hand.

"My children, I would like to thank you for delivering such an important message. If I could ask you now though, to leave as the council decides on what to do. You will be informed of our decision, when it is made." Our mother said to us, smiling gracefully. 

"As you wish." we replied in unison. We both bowed and then turned to walk out. I saw Elgor sneer at as out of the corner of my eye. Some elves live too long, I thought. 

"What now?" My twin asked. 

"I think we should keep guard. Stay close to the beaches, but don't march in alone if they arrive. They are dangerous, no matter how skilled your hand is at the sword." I told her. She laughed at me.

"Sister, it is not me that you must tell that to, but yourself. I wish only to make peace with them at first. Though of course, if they attack, then they will feel my sword." 

I joined her in her giggles, and we walked the rest of the way to the ocean's side in mutual happiness. But as we stood on the golden sand, we stopped. 

"They are here." I breathed.

The End

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