Jack Spoonwell: Land Ho!

The waves were growing larger. The weather had been horrendous for several days. We were way off course, but not even our most experienced sailors knew how far we had drift. We would make our way back toward the north once this storm abaded. If it would abade. It had been growing in its intensity for several hours.

I was making my way down the companionway when a large wave came crashing over the side of the ship, momentarily flooding all of the deck, upper and lower. After gaining my balance, I shouted orders to relieve the situation.

Dregor ran up to me. "Sir, there are rocks to port."

"Can we steer around them?"

"We don't think so. We have been trying, but the wind is unrelenting."

"All right. We need to brace for impact. How long do we have?"

"Minutes. Only minutes."

The galleon continued to head in the direction of the rocks. The crew was able to turn the ship so that the damage would be less, but I feared that we were going to be shipwrecked. Hopefully, where there's rocks, there would be land.


Early the next morning after we had smashed into the rocks, the storm moved on without us. The dullness of first light was mixed with an horrendous fog, but our lookout in the crow's nest yelled out while I was on the upper deck.

"Land Ho! I say Land Ho!"

The End

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