Daphne is Daniel

I was lay on my bunk, trying to hold my stomach in. The sea air did not agree with me, that was for sure. Every time the bock rocked, or made a movement, my stomach churned. I reached over for my bucket, when I couldn't hold it down much longer.

Quite a few people had fallen sick, and I was one of the five that were crew. I was glad though, as I got to spend more time on my own in my bunk. I wasn't normally the type of person to want to be alone, but I was finding it hard not being myself. 

You see, to be a crew member you had to be a boy. But I was I girl. 

Growing up in a large working class family, with hardly any money to our names, I had always wanted to travel and make something of myself. That's why when I had heard about the trip to another land at the pub I worked in cleaning tables, I had literally jumped with excitement. But when I had asked if there was a way I could join they had just laughed. 

"Don't be silly, girl. Only men are picked to sail a boat. You stick to home making." One drunken sailor had bellowed. I put my hands on my hip, and glared at him.

"I bet I'm as strong as one of the young lads you hire." I snapped, which just set them into bellows of laughter. I had stormed off, angrily. 

Apparently, they were taking passengers too, but of course you would need to be very rich to afford it, so there was no way I could go along like that. There was nothing I could do. Then one day, as I was looking in the mirror, a thought had come to me. If they wanted boys, then they would get a boy. I had cut of my golden locks, and put a tight cloth around my cleavage holding it in. Wearing a baggy top, cap, and trousers, I had walked to the docks hoping they would fall for it. 

I was so nervous I would get caught out and ridiculed, I was literally shaking when I got there. But I put my name down, and that was that. 

Working on the boat wasn't too difficult. I was strong for my age and gender, so I could do most things, and the things I found too hard I managed to dodge. Nobody expected anything, but sometimes when the men were, well being men, I felt awkward. Every question directed at me, I thought that I was about to give it away. 

That's why I was glad  I was ill. People left me alone, in case they caught anything. I didn't know what I was going to do when I got there. I was hoping that I could mingle in with the passengers. 

The boat started to rock, violently, and I reached over for my bucket again.

The End

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