Phaedra: Frowned Upon

With every moment the humans drew closer in their crude boats I grew more and more uneasy.

Crioh worried for me, truly, but I knew he was worried about the humans too. I couldn't help but put up extra spells of defense on my patrols. Not traps, and not weapons, but merely defense. It is frowned upon by the Elders for Elves to intentionally set up lethal traps. But not a law. I set up a few maybe under the worst circumstances harmful, in our weak spots. The weak spots I knew since I patrolled every region of our homeland. I knew the borders like the back of my hand, the rivers, the trees, the animals homes just out of sight. I loved my land, and would do anything to protect it.

Absolutely anything.

I didn't want the humans anywhere near me, so I decided when the humans actually did come, I would fight them if they wanted war, and avoid them if they wanted to explore. There was nothing of interest to me of which the humans had. Despicable. The humans had no right to be here. This was our land, and they should just stay where they were.

They would disrupt the system I so dearly loved here. I listened to every little sound, not quite finding enjoyment in listening to them, but loving the steady thrum of life and balance that could so easily be upset. The only thing I truly enjoyed was the whispering of the trees to me. They talked and talked and talked until their leaves fell off. Then they complained about the cold and how they wished they still had their leaves to make them warm. The evergreens, however, were somewhat shy.

I like balance. It's like when everything is in balance, everything is peaceful, and the tension of the humans coming was already starting to tip the balance. Everything the humans brought made me angry. Imbalance, disease, sicknesses to be cured, boats to be mended, children to be cared for, new foods, crude weapons to be modified. They preyed off everything we knew and had no good suggestions for us. Elves are always in social balance because they knew war disrupted the nature that we all loved. War was a taboo among elves, instead, when we had our differences (which wasn't often believe me) we sat before the Elders and discussed it like civilized people. There were no harsh words, no guns and no wars. Pure intellectuals who despised violence of any kind. That's why few of us eat meat unless it is positively neccessary.

I sat on the sand, staring at the ocean. I could easily sail away by myself and never come back to the land where my family was murdered, but I feared that losing one elf could break the fragile system that rested here. Although I was one little speck among the population of elves, I doubted there were many who could love this land more than I. Truly, I loved this land and its balance and peace more than any man could love a woman, but that peace would all too soon be horribly shattered when the loud, brutish humans came stomping in, killing our animal friends and angering us. We were peaceful, but we were not pussies waiting to be eaten. Elves frightening fighters, and not to be crossed.

The only consolation I had about the coming of humans was that we were not defenseless.

The End

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