Rea - a hostage

As the waves rocked the boat, Rea held her new hostage by his neck, muttering curses under her breath.  She didn't want to have to be violent with him for a few reasons.  Reason number one was that he was still a boy, and had to still be under 18.  Two was that he was actually quite cute.

The knife wasn't hers, a sailor had dropped it through a crack in the floorboards and it had nearly severed her foot.  But nevertheless, she was still holding it tight up against his throat.  She saw the glint of blood running down his throat.  Oh god...  I'm so sorry...  She thought.

She wanted to say she was sorry, she really did, but he needed to know that Rea was serious.  Otherwise, he would scream out and she would be thrown off the ship.  

After about five minutes, Rea spoke up.  "Are you armed?"  

He shook his head, hoping that he would be let go.

"Is there anybody looking for you?"  He hastily shook his head again.

Rea released her grip and sat him up in the corner.  She ripped a patch of cotton off her shirt and applied it to his throat.  "Thanks."  He whispered.

"Remember, I still have the knife."  Rea said as sternly as she could muster.

The boy shook his head and chuckled quietly.  "You're not the type to slit a guy's throat."  

Offended, Rea pounded the side of her hiding place, and then calmed down.  "Okay..."  She started, "You can't tell anyone i'm down here.  Anyone!"  she swallowed.

"I promise."  He whispered.  "I'm Nathanial Burns."

"Rea."  She replied.  "Rea Elyndor."

Nate gasped.  "Of the Elyndor line?"

She gawked.  "Yeah.   My Father was the king of Raminni before my uncle killed him."  She paused.  "Now he's after me, the only surviving..."  Rea shook her head.  "You know, I don't want to talk about it."

For a few minutes, all the two could hear was the crashing of waves and the screams of sailors up above.  

"You're lying."  He said plainly.

Rea sighed and rummaged around in her knapsack.  After a few moments, she pulled out a box.  She opened it in front of Nate and pulled out a gilded silver tiara.  Gold lined the outer edges and precious jewels were encrusted in beautiful patterns all around the artwork.

"I didn't steal it."  She said, putting it on.  "It was made for me by a goldsmith."  

Nate checked curiously to find that the tiara did fit.  In fact, it fit perfectly.  The crown fit so perfectly that it seemed to become a part of her face.

"Nate!"  Cried a voice from up above.

Surprised, Nate jumped up and headed towards the exit.  "I won't tell anybody."  He whispered, turning around.  "I'll be back some other time, but try to stay more hidden."  

And with that, he left.  Rea chuckled to herself as she placed her tiara back in its case.  "He is cute."  She whispered.

The End

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