Her words troubled me, and I climbed from my horse, to stand before her. 

I took her hand, and placed it on my brow. She nodded at my sign of respect, and then took mine to place it on hers. 

"I sensed them only then. The air is strong with them here though." I said to her.  She nodded and we stared of towards the ocean.

"What should we do?" she asked me, and I stood for a moment pondering over her question.

"There's nothing to do but wait. Aerwen we were young when we left, so we don't know them so well. But a lot our kin hold strong grudges against them - and for good reason too - so I predict that the peace of our land will soon be broken." I replied. 

"But Alaina, what if the humans come to join us, not fight us. Surely not all are bad. If we meet them first in a sign of friendship, they may come to our lands peacefully. Humans live fast, I have heard, so they will not even remember us." 

I nodded my head. It was true that we would be nothing but ancient history to them now, but could a whole race change over such a time? We would have to find out. 

Then the winds changed, and I got the feeling we were being watched. Aerwen could feel it too, and she frowned at me. 

I glanced round to the source, and I could feel a strong energy coming from there.

"SORCERER BE NAMED! RID YOURSELF FROM OUR SIGHTS, OR REMOVE YOUR SHEET OF INVISIBILITY!" Aerwen screamed from my side. She removed her sword so fast, it was a blur, and it seemed to slice the air around us. I swiftly claimed by bow, and pointed it towards the source.

"BEAST, SHOW YOURSELF, OR I WILL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND!" I bellowed. Then as fast as it came, it disappeared. 

We waited a few seconds and then relaxed. I glanced towards my twin, and she stared hard at me, breathing heavily. 

"Sister, times are changing, and now nothing is as it seems." I whispered to her, and she nodded in agreement. 

I called for Damon, and she called her horse, Sherka. As I climbed on to my loyal friend, I heard the whispers of young travellers coming from the ocean. They would soon be landing on our shores, and by then we would need to have decided on what to do.

"Sister, follow me to our mother. The Queen must be notified." I told her.

"You are right, as normal." She replied." Come. Run Sherka." 

She flew of into the forest, and I followed her.


The End

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