Nathaniel: Stormy Seas

  '....there were trees, larger than I had ever seen before, branches stretching as tall as mountains, reaching for the sky, which I could barely see through the dark, dense canopy of leaves. A magnificent golden red bird whizzed past my face, it's exotic color like a flying flame. Where was I?

   I walked slowly, seemed to float across the ground. I manuvered between these magical, massive trees, smelling the sweetness of spring flowers and fresh leaves mixing with the smell of the salty ocean, the scent increasing as I continued my odd treke.

   Now I could see the ocean....and the sand. The sand was so white, glowing in the brilliance of a noon-day sun so much I felt the need to sheild my eyes. I saw two women, one on a white horse with very light hair, and one on the ground nearby with very dark hair. They were talking to one another. As I neared them, I realized that they seemed unlike any other women I saw. They were the most beautiful in the world, so eerily beautiful, that they did not seem human....or even real. They turned to me, their gorgeous, alien faces in full view. I opened my mouth to say something, but was unsure what to say to these....strangers.  Seeing me, their faces contorted into anger, yelling words I could not understand through a hazy mist seemingly trapped inside my head.  They charged me, taking out a shinning sword and a bow.

     I threw my arms over my head, the ground swaying beneath my feet and the sky darkening, roaring with thunder......


  "...wake UP! Nate! NATE, boy, wake up!"  a foriegn voice awoke me from my strange dreams.   "Wake up, you deaf b-!" A bellow of thunder interrupted the rest of his yell as I groaned, my hamock swaying from side to side like mad as the other man stumbled back.

   I groaned, opening my eyes in the dark room. My makeshift bed swayed violently again, tossing me out like a ragdoll. Forced from my unusual heavy slumber, I knelt on the floor my knees bruised and my back hurting from the hard impact and roll which followed. We had been on the ship for what seemed like forever-I had lost count of the days last week-and it was the deepest, best sleep I had ever gotten thus far. 

   He gruffly took me by the collar of my shirt, easily lifting my lanky, awkward figure and placing me on my feet. It was one of my rough shipmates, Aldrien. "Come on, you lazy lubber-storm's a'comin', and we got work to do." He shoved me up the stairs. I grabbed the railing, supporting myself as the ship was tossed side to side and my head still dazed from sleeping.

   Dark clouds bubbled and boiled above the horizon and above our heads, waves of warm wind slapping about my hair and snapping the sails above me as I entered the deck.  Aldrien gave me his usual brief orders that I could barely understand between the roar of the storm and his thick accent, and I began rushing across the slick wooden floor, moving beneath me, the wicked waves tossing the boat about as if it was a little toy. 

    The rain began to beat down on us in incredible torrests I had not seen before in my life as all the men stumbled across the deck, rapidly trying to complete chores before the wretched storm was in full force, if it wasn't already. As a horrific wave knocked the ship's side, my feet seemed to disappear out from under me, and I hit the deck with a painful thud, my vision going blurry for a moment. I felt like lying there, my body throbbing and my head spinning round and round. A toe of a boot kicked my side, and someone yelled at me, but I couldn't understand them from all the storm sounds and my ears buzzing from the sudden impact with the floor.

    I winced, letting the rain wash over my well-bruised body as I tried to gather my senses enough again to stand up. Whoever kicked me, kicked me harder a second time, and I was forced to move at that moment, crawling to my feet.  My head was dizzy again and I stumbled about for a moment, nearing the edge of the boat. I realized who had kicked me when the first mate, Dregor, grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me uncomfortably close to his face, the smell of cigar smoke and achohol still thick on his breath and clothes. I probably could have counted each hair of stubble on his face.

    "Are you druken or something! Or just have no senses?!" demanded Dregor. No drinking was allowed on the boat, even though I could clearly tell he had been doing some himself.  "No day-dreaming out here, boy, it will cost you your life."  He said the last word with a hiss between his horrible teeth. He thrust me away from him, throwing me off balance. "If you get yourself get thrown overboard, you won't see me comin' in to save you! In fact, I'd help you get thrown overboard if I could! Huh!"  He turned on his heel and walked away, seemingly unaffected by the swaying boat. "Get back to work!"

     I swore under my breath, clenching and un-clenching my fists. If I learned one thing from that man, it was that he was insane. Lightining seemed to crack like a whip in the black sky above us, as I walked slowly over the deck, trying to focus on keep my footing.  What next? Oh. More rope. I made may way to one of the hatches, the rain still beating my back as I thrust it open.

     A girl stared up at me, long blonde hair framming her face. 

   "What the-?" I murmured, shocked. How long had she been hidding down there?

    She pounced up, snatching me by my neck and yanking me down into the dark, musty hatch as I yelped with suprise. Slamming the hatch-door shut behind her, she held me in the crook of her arm, a knife pressed against my throat.

    I tightly closed my eyes, trying to supress a shiver as I felt a small stream of my own blood slidding down my neck.


The End

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