I lay on the ground, among the golden leaves and the moist earth, listening to Nature. I tuned out completely, so I couldn't see a thing, but only feel what was around me. I felt the air move above and around, floating along, caressing everything it touched. I felt the small creatures, crawling around with such a purpose, an aim. They hurried from here to there, in search of food, and attacking enemys bigger than themselves. I felt the plants, breathing slowly and silently, breathing in the warm sun's rays.

It was truly beautiful.

My muscels relaxed, as I became one with the world, and every worry drifted out into the earth. I breathed, and I sensed it as it drifted away from me. I could feel an animal watching me, curiosly. It's mind was so unique and it was questioning my purpose. But I didn't have a purpose, not at that moment in time. I was nothing, but another animal in the forest. I felt the leaves crumble, as the deer gave up on me and trotted off.

As my mind reached the ocean, each wave soothed me, and I smiled. I could feel multi coloured fish, the crustaceans, the sea mammals, the birds, the humans.

The humans?

My eyes flew open, and the sense dissapeared abruptly. What were human beings doing, heading this way. I listened, carefully, but I was too far from the ocean. I needed to get there fast. Surely I was mistaken. I called for my loyal steed, Damon, and he came within seconds with his magnificent, white mane shining in the sunlight. He nieghed as I mounted, and I caressed his neck soothingly.

"There there, Damon, my beautiful friend. To the ocean." I whispered gently, and he charged off through the forest. As we reached the end, a figure came into my vision. She was running, nearly as fast as I. She stopped ahead, and I recognized her as my sister, Aerwen.

"Sister, I seek your council. There are humans on the way." she cried.

The End

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