The discovery of the new world across the ocean leads to a flood of humans fleeing to the new land in search of riches. But there is something they don't know; the land-and all it's strange and mythical natives-presents unknown challenges.


  In the middle ages of the continent of Aerithna, there lived all beings-nymphs, wood-elves, creatures of fae, humans, and more.  Though not all relations between certain races were peaceful, and wars were eminent throughout the land. Humans, a youthful race, grew more powerful as the age grew on as they spread across the land. Human cities arrived everywhere, and their population grew immensly. Many other older races, worn by the pressure of many wars and battles, were running out of space and risked being brought out of existence.

  And one day, they left. Their silver sails the last thing the humans saw as they disappeared over the elusive horizon. 

  The middle age passed, and history turned to legend, turned to myth, and turned to a whisper of a fairytale carried down by few throughout the years.

   With the coming of the new age, came a new discovery. Daring adventurers returned from perilous journeys with thrilling stories and amazing gifts. It was unlike anything the humans of Aerithna had ever seen before.  Masses of people became interested, wanted to make their fortunes or find a thrill of adventure themselves.  But  unexpected dangers arise, the strange land and it's mystical natives taken from the pages of Aerithna's legends give hostile resistance to the human's new arrival.

    What will be discovered in the New World? Will the humans survive and dominate another continent again, or will the creatures of the New World defy them this time?



The End

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