Fortress of the Damned ~ DethnusAckearose

I awoke in darkness. 

Of course, this wasn't something I wasn't used to. I had been confined several times before. It was the fate of those who called themselves sorcerers. Sortiara had known this. It was knowledge she had passed on to me when I took her life. The murderous blood rage inside my arm was proof that she had once been. 

This place, according to the faint whispers that told me of Sortiara's past, was called the Fortress of the Damned. It was a place to be feared. A place to avoid, whether ye be human or sorcerer. 

It was then that I saw a white light. It was that light that made me realize why this place was to be avoided. 

The light was Sortiara. She was among the damned. 

-Journal of a Nameless Sorcerer, Page 348 (23 days until the end of the world)

The End

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