mokierie- Life

     It's there. Everything she ever wanted, right there in her arms. It wasn't fame, or money, or romance. It wasn't anything like material items. No, nothing like that. This was something that couldn't be bought or taken; it was something uninhibited, something that could only come from man's most natural occurrence.

     Yes, that's what it was. This was the love of her life― no, this was her life itself. She had given birth to this beautiful baby girl and would protect her with everything she had. In other words, she would protect her life with her life. That's how important it was. This baby would go on to live the fullest, best life possible. Nothing would stop her from fulfilling any dreams that she would have in the future. By whatever means necessary, she'd do everything in her power to ensure that her girl would live the greatest existence that could be experienced.

     She vowed to give everything she had to this baby.

     And in the end, that's exactly what she did― gave her life for her life.

The End

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