JFreak- Casinos

    My fingers itch, I feel a twitch in my neck, and I can already hear the fight in my head. Cha-ching. I don't think twice about what happens next. I just do. Putting the money in the machine feels like getting rid of some of the weight that was on my back. Pushing that red button that feels so smooth and calms the aches that always assault my body. Hearing the music and seeing all the icons on the screen helps me forget about home and responsibilities. I zone in on the watermelon, ignoring everything else around me. Wak. I didn't get three watermelons in a row. 

`````````````````````````````3 Hours Later````````````````````````````````

   Riiiing. I answer my phone. "What are you doing? When are you coming home-" Ching, "Is that the machine I hear? Are you really gambling?"

   So many questions and I have to focus. I can't focus. "I'm on my way home." That should be enough for now. I hang up or she hangs up, it doesn't really matter. I put in another fifty that I took out of the bank; just one more. One more push and I should those three watermelons in a row.

```````````````````````````30 Minutes Later```````````````````````````````

    Wak. I need to focus, focus more, focus harder. Someone puts their hand on my shoulder, and I look up into the blue eyes of my wife. Those eyes hold such anger and worse.. hurt. I ignore the hurt and press the button again.

    "Get off." She speaks so calmly but I can hear her fury. 

    I press the button again, three in a row and I have won twenty of what I put in. I see it coming but don't register it until the I feel the sting across my cheek.

     Jumping up I yell, "You f*cking woman! How dare you!". I push her into a corner and she pushes against my chest.

     My two friends pull me away, telling me to calm down and my wife leaves. I tug away from them, drink the rest of my beer and walk to my truck. 

`````````````````````````````15 Minutes Later``````````````````````````````

    I pull up and I see her crying. I ignore it and let myself get angrier. I turn off the truck and slam the door. Stalking up to the house, I hear her say something that makes me change my mind. "Casinos.. He was at the Casinos." It's then I see her holding the phone. I walk over to our front steps and sit down. She hangs up the phone and I tell her I'm sorry and that I have a problem and I'll try to stop. She just shakes her head and says I won't stop. I yell at her, but I know she's right. Already I'm thinking about the next time I'm able to go back.

The End

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