Hollow- The Literary Geek

I sat fiddling with my phone as I ordered my fifth cup of coffee, glancing out onto the street for what seemed like the hundredth time, hoping to catch a glimpse of the face I was looking for.

My boyfriend and I had agreed to meet up in a small cafe the earlier day, but he was late by 20 minutes and I was beginning to grow impatient. Finally, he burst with a sheepish grin on his face, mumbling some halfhearted excuse. I was upset, and he knew it.

"Hey, I'm really sorry, sweetheart", he said. "You know it won't happen next time. And", looking into my eyes, "You know I love you." I began to smile. "Now, how about we go to that shop downtown you wanted to visit? I would do anything for you, lovely, you know that."

As we walked out of the cafe, I looked long and hard at him, my mind racing . All I could think about was how hollow his words sounded.

The End

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