Listening - Randomnese

There will be words and sounds, all jumbled and linear at the same moment, cramming deeper into my brain for every second I keep connected.

You won't know it, and that is what scares me, frightens me from even a graze. I'll have every little secret and every tidbit of your thoughts and life within my library to pick through and you'll just sit there unaware of what evil I can dispel onto you.

But I won't do such a thing, oh no, never.

But you will to yourself because now with all your life and all your secrets, you have transferred into the confines of my mind. I'm afraid that is what any of you are: just pieces of experiences and secrets.

And what evils that whisper in your mind are not bias to anyone they want to conquer, even themselves.

So I am absolutely terrified, of meeting you and of becoming you. I fear of listening.

The End

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