"Oh, mom." I said, wiping away a few tears. "You didn't."

   "I'm sorry, honey. I just had to get them for you." My mom says while wiping a few of her own tears away.

    "I l-love them! Thank you! I know he'll love them, too!" Slowly, I unclasp the beautiful necklace and set it down gently on a bare table. Then I turn towards mom and hug her so hard, she grunts. Warmth fills my chest and I smile, loving my life so much.

    My mom steps back and grins widely. Then we say our goodbye's and she leaves. I turn and admire the necklace, so beautiful it hurts my eyes. Perfectly round and smooth to the touch, the creamy, white pearls sparkle with gold connecting them together. When mom had arrived, I didn't know she'd come bearing a gift. She surprised me with a black velvet box and with the words 'Make your own traditions', giving me the final missing part I needed to complete my final preparations.

    I sit down on the king sized bed and run my hand over the quilted blanket that my grandmother gave me. All of my stuff has either been packed or given away, the only thing that's left is my bed and the quilt on it. I turn my head slightly and then comes the knock I was waiting for. I get up and go to the door, smiling with pleasure.

    I open the door and there he is. My heart skips a beat or two and I feel this jolt of electricity run throughout my body. His hazel eyes light up and two dimples appear on his cheeks. He grins and pulls me close to him, enveloping me in his smell. I squeeze almost as tightly as he does and I breathe him in again and again. He nuzzles my neck and makes me giggle.

   "I missed you so much. So, so much." he mumbles into my dark brown curls. His hands on my back tighten and I tremble a little bit.

   "I love you. I love you." My voice shakes and we press together harder. My knees start to go weak. He kisses my hair, my neck, and then my lips. So soft, we kiss each other and our lips melt together.

    My eyes widen and I pull away slightly. He looks into my eyes and nods slowly. Kissing my cheek, he disentangles himself from me and we both walk into my apartment. He looks around and then heads to my bedroom; I follow him.

    "It looks just like mine. How empty it is." he says, and as soon as he sits on my bed. "What's that?"

    I turn to look at the pearls and smile. "A present."

    "From that one guy?" he says, no emotion in his voice.

    I go over to him quickly and I start to kiss his face. "No, baby. No, it's from mom."

    He pulls me on top of him and smiles under my kisses. Then, he moves me to his side. Startled by the movement, I look at him and his smiling face.

    "What's it for?" he questions, smiling wide. I squint my eyes at him and stick out my tongue. I know he's teasing.

    "You're so mean." I pout slightly. 

     "I am not and they're beautiful, just like this one girl I know." his eyes flash mischievously to mine and he kisses my lips.

     "Really? Do I know her?" I ask, with slightly wide eyes.

     "Mmm, I better go. You are just too much of a temptation for me." he says and slowly gets up. He pulls me up with him and my smile falters for a second.

     "Just one more day and we'll be married and living together. One. More. Day." I say, quietly.

    "That's right, then I won't have to worry about you being a temptation or anything." hugging me once more, he leaves.



     A few days pass; along with the wedding that made both of us glow with happiness. I have a doctor's appointment to find out some results of a couple of tests that I took before the wedding. We go into the doctor's office and he delivers some bad news that I hadn't been expecting. I have cancer, which explains the headaches and blurry vision that have been happening to me. The doctor explains to me how the tumor has grown and connected to my brain. There is nothing he can do, except tell me to live as much as I can.

     All this is being explained to me and my mother. My mother cries and I grasp the pearls that hang around my neck. All I can really do is think of his eyes the night of our wedding; how they glowed with love and desire. I don't hear the doctor tell how much time I have left.

     Turning to my mother, I tell her what I want to do with the little bit of time I have left. I want everyone to treat me the same and I want to spend as much time with my husband as possible. I want to be buried with these pearls. These beautiful, white pearls that represented so much of the future and happiness that was suppose to come with getting married. I don't let myself show an ounce of emotion until I'm home. I sit on the bare mattress in our bare room that was suppose to be the place where we were finally one in body and spirit. 

      The door opens and there he is, my love. Our eyes meet and he sees the answer to the unspoken questions. Dropping the groceries, he runs to me and wraps his arms around me. Now I cry, I cry into his chest, letting my tears soak into his t-shirt. He says nothing, letting me cry and weep like all those babies we were suppose to have.

     "We were suppose to be that happy couple with a lot kids. We were suppose to be together forever." My hand goes to the pearls I wear around my neck. "This necklace was going to be the necklace that I would pass down to my children. Now, I'm going to be buried in it.."

     "Listen, you know I love you. I love you with all my heart. You fill me and consume me. Everyday I think about you and ho lucky I am to have been loved by you. I'm not even letting myself think of a world without you in it. Because I can-", he starts to cry. I will miss him. Miss him so much. I don't want to leave. Not without him. Not without my heart. I hold him tighter and kiss his tears away.

     "I don't want to leave you. I love you and I wish this wan't happening. I wish we could grow old and wrinkly together. And-", I let out a sob-laugh "Beat out grandchildren with canes. For some reason that's not happening and I don't want this. I want us." I bury my face into his neck and cry some more.

     Together we fall asleep, dreaming of the future we won't have; with the pearls between our hearts. 

The End

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