Taste it - Jezebel

As the bell signaled another customer, Gillian turned and repeated the customary phrase, "Hi, welcome to Andy's, how may - um. I help you?"

Frankly, she was lucky to not have halted completely, because whoa. This customer happened to be a very yummy vanilla-skinned strawberry-haired chocolate-eyed boy. 

"Just browsing," the cookies-and-cream boy reassured her. "Unless you want to interest me in some samples...?"

She snapped into action. "Yeah, of course! Hold on..." 
She fished around the counter before producing a row of free samples. He picked a pastry up with candy-cane fingers, eyeing it sugarishly. 

"So I just... taste it?"

She nodded, and he artfully popped it into his red-liquorice mouth.

The End

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