frosty_the_lindo: Criminal Princess

“Mi lady.” A maid curtseyed as the ragtag princess pushed past her, her dress ripped and trailing behind her. “You dress.”

“Oh it’s nothing.” The princess waved off abruptly. “Fell from a tree.”

“Mi lady.” The maid said again. “The hem.”

The princess looked down and saw that the hem of her dress was torn, with slight splatters of blood.

“There was a cut on my leg.” She glanced up at the maid. “It got on my dress.”

“Mi lady.” The maid spoke up one last time. “You back.”

She pointed to the slight outline of a knife hidden in the back of the princess’s dress. The princess turned around and glared at the maid.

“That’s nothing.” She growled. “You’re being too curious.”

And then on the ground, fell two fresh-cut eyes.

The End

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