Flurries - mokierie

     They're starting again― the Flurries. It had been snowing on and off for the past three months now. It would start at noon each day, then snow lightly for twelve hours straight, then abruptly stop again at midnight. The snow had built up through the months, condemning us to our homes. This had been going on since the Clouds had come. They weren't just any normal rain clouds; they were the Clouds, which the Council of Winter had sent upon us because of our defiance in the last Season. We had all rallied together in a revolt against the Councils in an attempt to gain some control on what Mother Nature bestowed upon us each year. We fought with all our might, but Mother and the Councils were simply too smart and too powerful. Even the seemingly all-mighty Protectors of the Seasons had banded all of their power together and still could not rise to the Councils' level, let alone defeat them.

     It all seemed like a lost cause, which is why we gave up. Everyone agreed that it would be better to just sit quietly and take the punishment that had been dealt to us― well, everyone except Jerekai. He was the only one who refused to accept the Flurries, even as they came. He had helped lead the resistance, and he stood tall through the entire decision-making of the Councils. He is an extremely proud being. Even now, even as all of us have lost hope that this Winter will end, Jerekai still firmly believes that there will be a Spring. I've thought it over as well, and it is true that the Councils are under an oath that they will never go without a Season, and that if they do, democracy for the Seasons will be granted across the land.

     Perhaps Jerekai isn't the only one who believes that there's light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe there is some inkling left of hope deep inside of us. Maybe that subconscious clinging is what urges us to keep moving. Perhaps that is our reason for still living.

     That's it. Somewhere inside us, there is a flurry of hope, just as the Flurries fall outside our doors. The hope stirs and swirls around in out hearts and our souls, waiting for us to realize it's there, so that we may come to a resolution. It's there, inside all of us. The Flurries of Hope are inside you, too. You just have to be brave enough to find them.

The End

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