Lampshade - Goldiness

He didn't have much furniture in his room. It was to small to accommodate more than a worn out sofa, a tiny bookshelf, one wooden coffee table and an antique lamp. It wasn't the lamp which was special though. It was the elaborately designed lampshade.

It cast such beautiful patterns on the wall. He loved to read by the lamp, sitting curled up on the sofa, drowning in its soft light.

It was a rainy Monday when he got back from work. The streets were damp, and as he trudged along the slippery sidewalk, he wanted nothing more to go home and read. 

Once home, he kicked of his shoes, and turning on the lamp, flopped down on the sofa with a paperback thriller. Suddenly a curious pattern caught his  eye. On the wall, a pattern was cast by his favorite lamp

You have three days.

The End

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