Firing Squad - DethnusAckearose

Did life really end like this? 

"Nathan Blumming," the large guard said before I passed, "You are charged with murder and conspiracy against the crown." Two charges that were true, more or less. I mean, I really had tried to start a rebellion and that man had tried to kill me. That... Might have made me a killer, I suppose. "Because of this and witnesses who saw you making mysterious deals with unknown figures, you are to be killed by a firing squad. Do you have any last words?"

I smiled. Last words? Sure. "To the witnesses here today, which are about to see me die by arrows, I say one thing." I turned to the guard and smiled. "I will return! Maybe not in body, but surely in spirit!"

And those were my last words before the arrows rained from the firing squad. 

The End

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