Happily - mokierie

   What's your happy place?

      I have a few. One of my favorites is the serene setting of a huge Willow tree that sits on top of a hill, its hanging branches flowing gently in the breeze. Just imagine it― you're there, under that big Willow, sitting with your sweetheart in the warm sun that shines through the drooping branches. You're having a tranquil little picnic, complete with PB & J sandwiches, a bunch of fruit, a bag of chips, and a bottle of wine or apple juice (depending on how innocent you are), all on top of that classic red-checkered picnic cloth that they always use in the movies. You and your special someone have lunch there, then run around like little kids, playing peek-a-boo through the hanging leaves. You make your date bust up laughing when you try to climb the tree and fall flat on your butt. When both of you are worn out from playing, you'll lay down together, next to the tree, and make shapes out of the puffy white clouds in the sky.
     And when the day is over, you'll pack up your leftover food, your wine or juice, and the cloth, and you'll both hold hands as you walk down the hill. As you get about halfway down the hill, your sweetheart gets an idea to race you to the bottom, where both of your bikes await you. You accept the offer, and off you go, running and stumbling down the steep decline of the hill, when you suddenly trip over your own feet and tumble, down, down, down, until the steepness of the hill subsides and you roll to a stop. Your date runs after you, laughing the whole way, telling you what a klutz you are. You get up, and for a moment, the two of you just stand there and laugh together. Afterwards, you get on your bikes, kiss each other goodnight, and make your way home.

   That's my happy place. What's yours?

The End

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