Call me maybe- EmptyMuse

Hey, I just met you

She jerked awake as her phone's mainstream tune blared in the silence.

And this is crazy!

"Who the hell is calling me at three in the morning?" she muttered angrily.

But here's my number -

"What?" she snapped as she answered, annoyed that she didn't recognize the caller ID.

The deep voice that replied had her sitting in up in her bed, blushing in embarrassment.

"Bad time?" he asked, chuckling quietly. "I can call you some other -"

"No!" she almost screamed into the phone. "No," she repeated in a calmer manner. "I'm already awake anyway."

An awkward pause.

"I'm surprised you called," she confessed, setting the phone between her ear and her shoulder and gnawing on her lip.

Another chuckle. "With the lines you used on me? How could I not call?"

She blushed, mortified of her drunken actions.

"Don't worry. I liked the cheesy," he assured.

It was the start of a beautiful relationship.

The End

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