Ashes - OPEN :)

The ashes still smolder and spark after disintegrating the beast it used to structure. As it cools, the charred flakes settle into a crust over the small mound, protecting itself with a delicate layer. 

With the last spark extinguishes, a new fire unfurls from the depths of the pile, reheating the dark flakes back into a fiery, bright red that wavers in intensity to a blinding white. It crackles, then rumbles, the peak of the pile cracking from within, revealing the gasp between two young beaks.

A feathered head pops from the soft mound, shaking itself of the powdered remains, chirping to reignite itself with tiny gulps of oxygen. Flicking the last of it's mother from it's tail feathers and wings, the tiny phoenix chick bursts into its own flames. 

The End

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